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Corporate Training & Team Building

Are you looking to do more training with your employees but can't stand the thought of sitting through a presentation consisting of 50 PowerPoint slides, trust falls, and singing around a campfire?  Do you want to find something that is fun, interactive, and useful?  Then Corporate Training by The Stick Horses is for you!  Our personalized session will teach:


Collaboration -- We'll show your employees how working together brings about better results.  They'll see how the concept of "accepting and building" integrates everyone's ideas together to achieve greater results.

Innovation -- Our team members are masters at thinking on their feet and approaching common problems with new solutions.  We'll teach your team how to incorporate principles of improv into their approach to the problems that plague your business.

Creativity -- The core of improv is creativity; it is infused in everything that we do.  But the secret is that creativity can be taught and practiced.  We'll inspire your employees to look at their work through a different set of eyes and view tasks in a whole new light.


We've shared our improv techniques and tools to managers at NASA, to Olympic Anti-Doping employees, to ministry staffs, to Boy Scout troupes, and many more!


For more information or to hire The Stick Horses for your next corporate training session please call 719-463-8359 or email us at .

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