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Lacey Maynard

Lacey “My Facey is so cute” Maynard is a go-getter. No, really. For one, she actually enjoys doing DIY projects on her house. You know those people who go into Lowe’s and actually look relatively at peace when they’re in the store, not wandering around with a look of constant pain and aggravation trying to hunt down someone to help them find that one particular bolt? Yeah, that’s not Lacey. She loves ever minute of it. In a past life, she used to be a professional swing dance instructor, and can bust out a move whenever a band from the 1940’s decides to play. Lacey loves when it rains, and enjoys the springtime. She also loves jokes, and if someone wants to use her boss’ office when he’s not around, Lacey will charge him or her a joke on the sly to access all that personal information. If Lacey could quit said job and live comfortably the rest of her life doing whatever she wanted, her dream job would be to invent new board games. If only that could happen, dearest Lacey. We’re so tired of playing the thousands of different versions of monopoly.


SHiP member since:




Scottsdale, AZ



December 15


My Jam:

Chantilly Lace -

The Big Bopper


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