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Josh neal


"Lorem ipsum dolor sit ame" is this man's motto. Fluency in Leet-speak, Esperanto, and Klingon are just some of the skills he has fibbed about having. Dubbed by some as the King of Dad Jokes, this guy (sometimes seen wearing a dad joke shirt) loves him some puns and word-play. An erstwhile musician, Josué re-discovered his love for the stage in recent years, mainly so he can publicly yell things like, "Huzzah!". If you enjoy manipulating people, you can make Josh smile any time you want by saying things like "Middle Earth", "42", "Jesus", "MST3K", "Fried Chicken", "Leeloo Dallas Multipass!", "Weird Al", or "scrumdiddlyumptious". 


SHiP member since:




Fullerton, CA



August 30


My Jam:

Break Your Heart -

Barenaked Ladies

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