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Jared Harp

Jared the “No Strings Attached” Harp grew up under hardship, relating that as a kid, he willingly ate such cultural fare as calf fries, frog legs, and Purina Dog Chow. Despite this fact, he grew up to find a nobler calling in helping heat the frigid city of Colorado Springs, CO with natural gas with Colorado Springs Utilities. In addition to this, Jared is also actively involved in wild land firefighting and EMT basic. If this wasn’t enough to prove his heroic abilities, Jared also once repelled off a two story parking garage – though no one is really quite sure why as he passed several stranded and distressed kittens on his way down. In his free time, Jared spends time training for and competing in marathons and has participated in 16 total and counting. If you have a dog that is currently chomping at your calves while reading this information, you’d be in good hands calling Jared as he has been described by those closest to him as “The Dog Calmer” (we would say ‘whisperer’, but we’re pretty sure we’d be sued by that other guy). Jared’s ultimate goal in life is to never buy toothpaste again as he’s pretty sure he can supplement his stock with free samples from the dentist’s office. Jared’s dentist could not be reached for comment.



SHiP member since:




Pea Ridge, AR



June 1


My Jam:

Margaritaville - 
Jimmy Buffett


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