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Chris Jordahl

Christopher "Nickname redacted" Jordahl has been improvising since the first time he learned how to lie, and has only gotten better since! From the time his mom asked him if he washed his hands, and he said "yes", to the time when his mom asked him if he brushed his teeth, and he said "yes." All of it coming right off the top of his head like a true improv master. 

One notable experience of Chris' youth happened at the age of 12. While attending a middle school in Colorado Springs, Chris found a mysical way to stay twelve forever. The details of the youth process are top secret to protect Chris' exclusive rights to the age of 12; but it is known that he will always, always giggle at the word 'butt.'

Chris' life dreams include: Owning a car that is less than 15 years old; finding a famous artifact worth lots of money while being unshaven and wearing a leather jacket, a whip, and a fedora, just like his favorite action movie hero Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone; and finally, introducing a bill into the House of Representatives to make toupees illegal.

Chris would like to thank you for reading this bio and entering into a contract that you must help him complete his dreams by any means you are able to. Goodbye!


SHiP member since:




Santa Clara, CA



December 3


My Jam:

Santa Monica -

The Front  Bottoms

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