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Casey Dean Frase


Casey “My name almost rhymes” Frase is a five-year-old child stuck inside a man’s body. If you ever saw his sweet Marvel denim jacket, you’d completely understand what I mean. To add to my growing list of evidence, Casey enjoys Saturday morning cartoons (are those really still a thing? Because there’s a bunch of networks that play cartoons 24/7) and owns a delightfully tiny dog named Whoopi Goldberg. Through extensive research, Casey has determined that high-fives are not nearly as cool as low-fives. In his free time, when he’s not waiting specifically on Saturday mornings for cartoons to come on, Casey enjoys reading comic books. Or is it graphic novels? No, we’ll stick with comic books, because that just fits this guy’s personality way better. To end his bio, Casey would like to leave you with a touching story: A snail goes to buy a car and says to the dealer, “I want that car with a big ‘S’ painted on the roof.” The dealer asks why, and the snail responds, “Because I want people to look at my car and say, ‘Look at that S car go!”

Get it? Escargot?



SHiP member since:




Manitou Springs, CO



August 14


My Jam:

Mannish Boy -

Muddy Waters

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