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Braden Cox

Braden “What Does the Fox Say?” Cox truly knows the meaning of disgrace, failure, and redemption as he is a Denver Broncos fan. This may be because he is not a true Colorado Native no matter how much he wishes he were – he’s originally from Nevada, which lacks any type of national football team or essential liquid known to humankind as “water”. Before finding his calling in life as a pianist, Braden’s life was a largely meaningless portrait of wandering around the world alone, finding odd jobs like construction and crab fishing in Alaska, and scraping enough money together just to get by. Then, just when life looked its bleakest, at the hardened age of 9, Braden found the piano, and his life has been transformed ever since. Braden responds to several different names as he’s one of seven children in his family and (when in trouble) was often called at least three of his siblings’ names before coming to his own. Now, he’s currently employed at Larry H. Miller Toyota where he’ll be happy to sell you a car, an SUV, or a puppy. When not hiking, camping, or rock climbing, Braden can be found trying to distance himself from retirement communities as he’s grown tired of his cheeks constantly being pinched.

SHiP member since:




Logandale, NV



January 31


Guilty pleasure music:

Hit Me Baby (One More Time) - Britney Spears


Fashion that should never die:



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