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Amelia Kronser-Cole

Amelia “I-have-two-middle-names-and-two-last-names” Kronser-Cole is certainly no stranger to adversity as her favorite television show was cancelled over ten years ago (Mystery Science Theater 3000) and her favorite football team is year after year, just really awful (The Chicago Bears). To placate her constant disappointment, Amelia makes it through hard times by playing ukulele, supporting her local PBS station, and singing to herself in moments of duress. Armed with a master’s degree, Amelia works with middle school children teaching them to read, write, and generally think about things. Additionally, Amelia has one child, and had yet to reach the point of insanity where she will consider having a second, because really, she gets a little homicidal when she can’t get her 8 hours of beauty-sleep. Burdened with the influence of two strong cultures, Amelia has chosen to fully embrace her Japanese-Wisconsin heritage by eating beer-battered sushi. After three consecutive months of going out in her backyard in the middle of the night and howling at the top of her lungs, Amelia can neither confirm nor deny the existence of Bigfoot, but she will keep you updated on this as soon as she posts bail for disturbing the peace.


SHiP member since:




Rockford, IL



November 4


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Lithium - 


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